Data-Informed Decision Making

This interactive professional learning event focused on developing, implementing, and sustaining a data-informed decision-making process in order to strengthen the effectiveness of Tier 1 instruction for behavior, academics, and mental wellness. Anchored to the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI 1.12 – 1.15), this event is intended for school-based leadership teams and the division team members who support them.

Who should attend?

School Teams that have attended New Team Training along with members from the Division-level teams who support implementation. (at least one administrator, teacher, and someone who serves as the data person for the team).

Learning Intentions:

1. Identify teaming needs, such as a dedicated data analyst, to help disaggregate and identify necessary data for behavioral and academic improvement.
2. Recognize the critical elements of an integrated and aligned data system that allows “real time” access to data necessary for decision making.
3. Explain what data-informed decision making is and how it guides teams into problem solving.
4. Analyze current systems for data collection and identify the opportunities for enhancing the school-wide system for aggregating data to inform instructional decisions.
5. Reflect on current problem solving process in order to identify successes and opportunities for a more efficient and effective system for continuous improvement that is utilized school wide.

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