End-of-Year Tips

End-of-Year (EOY) data collection seems overwhelming for many. Do not panic! We provide some tips to successfully completing this EOY data submission.

Tip 1: Know your role and responsibilities

Point of Contact (POC)

Double check that the POC for each school is up to date. The POC receives all correspondence dealing with data collection. When EOY opens, the POC will receive a notification email that also contains the school’s secure URL. The POC is tasked with collecting, entering, and submitting EOY data.

For EOY, schools need to complete:

  • School Profiles 1 and 2
    • School Profile 1 includes Contact Data
    • School Profile 2 includes Enrollment data
  • Outcome Summary Data (OSD) Form
    • Office Discipline Referrals (ODRs)
    • In-School Suspensions (ISSs)
    • Out-of-School Suspensions (OSSs)

If the POC is a 10-month employee leaving for the summer, then 1) the data should be entered prior to them leaving or 2) the POC should transfer the responsibility to a 12-month employee before they leave.

Division Coordinator (DC)

DCs monitor their schools and are responsible with submitting division level data. At the open of EOY, DCs will receive a notification email including their secure URL. The secure URL allows the DCs to 1) monitor their schools’ progress on the data collection instruments and 2) complete and submit division instruments.

At EOY, each division is asked to complete (mandatory for VTSS divisions and optional for PBIS divisions) the following:

  • Division Level of Satisfaction (LoS)
  • Division Value of Resources (VoR)

If a division has more than one DC, only the one DC will be tasked with completing LoS and VoR will see them on their DC dashboard.

Tip 2: Do not wait to get started

Undoubtedly, EOY is an intensive data collection period. We recommend getting started as soon as EOY opens.


EOY opens in early May and closes toward the middle of July. At the opening of EOY, POCs will receive an email notifying them along with their secure URL to access the Data Collection Portal. While the data period spans three months, the POC should access the instruments as soon as EOY opens and begin coordinating from where to gather the data. Often times, the division can provide some of the data that is needed.


At EOY DCs are responsible for supporting and monitoring their schools as they work to complete their data submissions. DCs may monitor their schools’ progress using their secure URL. We recommend not waiting until the end of the data collection period to monitor schools allowing ample time to contact and support schools with their EOY data submission.

Some DCs are also tasked with completing the Level of Satisfaction and Value of Resources instruments, mandatory for VTSS divisions and optional for PBIS divisions. While the instruments are entered by one DC, the data entered should reflect that of the division as a whole. Some divisions may choose to schedule meetings to complete the instruments together.

Tip 3: Know where to go for help


Using the VTSS School and Division Information Page link, a POC may have their secure URL resent by clicking on “Resend POC Secure URL” button. If a POC change is needed, this may be complete by using the above link and clicking on “Request POC Transfer” button.

Otherwise, schools should contact their Systems Coaches and DCs for support. The link VTSS School and Division Information Page lists the DCs and SCs names and emails for each division.


Using the VTSS School and Division Information Page link, a DC may have their secure URL resent by clicking on “Resend DC Secure URL” button.

DCs should contact their coaches for help providing support to their schools. For questions or concerns dealing with the Data Collection Portal and data reports, DCs should contact VTSS-ODU Email for help and support.