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Welcome to our new Assistant Director, Dr. Nicole Hollins!

We're thrilled to announce that Dr. Nicole Hollins has started working with us as our new Assistant Director! For more information about Dr. Hollins and her professional background click here!




Who we are

Who is VTSS: The Virginia Tiered Systems of Supports (VTSS) is a collective of organizations funded and led by the Virginia Department of Education to support divisions with implementing and sustaining a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). The primary implementation partners include:

  • VTSS-Research and Implementation Center (VTSS-RIC) at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • VTSS Evaluation Team at Old Dominion University
  • Regional Training and Technical Assistance (T/TAC) Partners

What is MTSS

MTSS is a systemic, data-driven approach that allows divisions and schools to provide evidence-based practices and interventions to meet the needs of their students. This is done through a clearly defined process that is implemented to fidelity by all stakeholders within the school and/or division.

VTSS Technical Assistance Vision: The vision of technical assistance provided by the VTSS is to build a sustainable MTSS through collaboration with divisions, schools, families, communities, and students that results in equitable and improved academic, behavioral, and social emotional outcomes for all.

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Promoting Tier I Mental Wellness Systems

“Children’s mental health needs were steadily increasing before the pandemic and have been declared a national emergency by the U.S. Surgeon General.” (Voices of VA)

Join us on June 18th for an exciting opportunity to network, learn, and action plan to create a culture of wellness within your division and schools.

This is a virtual session to accommodate busy schedules and travel. There will be scheduled breaks and time for lunch. We will have relevant breakout rooms for you to select from during the virtual professional learning.

More details and registration available here.

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VTSS is excited to continue offering you virtual professional learning opportunities this year. This live experience will connect you with your teams and provide valuable learning and activities to continue the work.

Check out our complete listing of upcoming events. Clicking on an event will allow you to register through Eventbrite. Be sure to check out the registration deadlines; registration will be closed three weeks prior to the event so the training teams can better prepare for your arrival!

Also, make sure that you have the latest version of Zoom in order to have the maximum experience available for our virtual sessions.

Preschool Is Growing Up With VTSS

We are very excited to announce the newest addition to our video library, Preschool is growing up with VTSS.

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Updated Training Modules on Trauma Sensitivity!

Is your division or school ready to take a deep dive into developing Trauma-Sensitive Schools? Whether you are already implementing components or are starting from the beginning, VTSS has a set of engaging and practical learning modules each focusing on what we believe are essential areas for effective and efficient training of Trauma-Sensitive Schools. Find out more on the Trauma Learning Modules home page.

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New Training Video for Building Education Equity through Family Engagement

Body of spotlight: Improving educational equity is critical to improving outcomes for every student. VTSS family partner Formed Families Forward has produced a new video for sharing with staff and family members.  Promoting Equity in Education Through Family Engagement is a 10 minute video that uses family and educator voice to offer practical strategies for building educational equity through strong family-school partnerships. The video and accompanying fact sheet show how VTSS’s 6 components of family engagement in multi-tiered systems can be leveraged to increase equitable opportunities in schools and communities.

A great tool for professional learning, share with your staff and family partners!

Upcoming events

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