Advanced Tiers Forum

Advanced Tiers: Building Systems of Supports
July 13-14, 2022 (Wed and Th), 9:00AM-12:00PM

Two mornings of interactive virtual professional learning will provide division and school teams with the essential knowledge and resources to install or strengthen effective advanced tiers systems of supports. 

Learning Intentions 

Participants will: 

  • Describe and synthesize essential elements of advanced tier systems of supports
  • Define roles, responsibilities and meeting structures for advanced tier teams that demonstrate authentic family engagement
  • Identify screening and “requests for assistance” tools for the identification of students who might benefit from advanced tiers supports.
  • List decision rules for evidenced-based practices in an advanced tiers continuum of supports
  • Examine advanced tiers level of use, progress monitoring, student performance and fidelity data
  • Describe the importance of alignment and essential components of professional learning and coaching plans for effective advanced tiers implementation

Who Should Attend? 

Advanced Tiers Summer Learning is designed for division and school teams who want to increase their knowledge and capacity to build and sustain a system of advanced tiers  supports.

Note:  Check-in, Check-out (CICO) is NOT included within this summer professional learning event. School and/or division teams seeking CICO should communicate with their VTSS systems coach to explore CICO training options. 

How to Prepare for the Virtual Training:

  • Teams are expected to attend both days
  • Make sure most of your team members can attend virtually. You will be in a live Zoom meeting that is participatory; you will engage in team activities.
  • Make sure each member has access to the Zoom platform and feels comfortable using the technology.
  • Check your email for reminders, communication, and your Zoom link to attend your virtual session.

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