Division Resources and Training

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Welcome, VTSS division-level implementers! Bookmark this page! Here you will find the tools, resources, and information necessary to guide the successful and sustainable implementation of your tiered-systems framework.

Data collection tools for mid-year and end of year reporting can be found by clicking the data collection tab above or by going directly to the Data Collection homepage within this website.


From Starting to Sustaining:
Implementation Planning to Support an Effective Tiered System

The Virginia Tiered Systems of Supports (VTSS) integrates academics, behavior, and mental health into a single decision-making framework for establishing the supports needed for a school to be an effective learning environment for all students. Building this framework is a complex and iterative process. This process requires extensive collaborative dialogue, ongoing and embedded professional-learning, effective problem-solving, and compromise. As partners in this process, VTSS Leadership and Systems Coaches offer From Starting To Sustaining. It is offered each year, in three one-day institutes for division leadership teams inspiring this change in schools. Each institute offers a General Session (occasionally) and four or five strands that spiral through relevant topics and enhance implementation as you progress through the learning.

Systems Coaching

Systems Coaching Institutes are designed to develop a set of coaching skills or facilitation capacity within a team of individuals in order to raise a system’s ability to organize personnel and resources for prompting and encouraging local school training and implementation efforts. Coaching increases the likelihood that skills will be used as intended (with fidelity) in applied work within targeted contexts (classrooms, agencies, personal interactions, team meetings) further supporting and facilitating sustained systems work and implementation fidelity.

Division Calendar

Throughout the school year, VTSS conducts "face-to-face" and virtual training sessions for 100-300 individuals to address all implementation levels of VTSS.The Statewide Events Calendar provides an interactive calendar display of all state-level events. This multi-formatted calendar lists future events as well as those in the past. Region- or division-level events will not appear on this calendar; divisions should coordinate those with their VTSS Systems Coaches and/or TTACs.