Systems Coaching Institute

The vision of VTSS is to build capacity within school divisions for a sustained tiered system of academic, behavioral, mental wellness supports responsive to the needs of all students. VTSS Systems Coaching Institutes are designed to develop a set of coaching skills or facilitation capacity within a team of individuals in order to raise a system’s ability to organize personnel and resources for prompting and encouraging local school training and implementation efforts. Coaching increases the likelihood that skills will be used as intended (with fidelity) in applied work within targeted contexts (classrooms, agencies, personal interactions, team meetings) further supporting and facilitating sustained systems work and implementation fidelity.

Systems Coaching Institute 101

The Systems Coaching Institute (SCI) 101 series is designed to train and empower coaches supporting the implementation of VTSS within their school divisions. Virginia leadership recognizes that the sustainability of VTSS lies in building the capacity of each division to provide highly effective coaching to its school teams beginning at initial implementation and continuing throughout full implementation.

SCI will enhance content knowledge and confidence in applying that knowledge to coaching divisions and school teams as well as build an understanding of systems change and effective coaching practices. The SCI 101 series is a prerequisite to the SCI 102 series.

More information on and materials for all three sessions of Systems Coaching Institute 101

Systems Coaching Institute 102

The Systems Coaching Institute 102 series is designed to build upon Systems Coaching 101. This 3-day series will focus on building and sustaining a system for coaching within divisions. The series emphasizes the importance of setting the climate and culture for coaching, ensuring essential knowledge, skills, and abilities of effective coaching and installing key systemic components for coaching in order to support the sustained implementation of VTSS within schools.

More information on and materials for all three sessions of Systems Coaching Institute 102