Advanced Tiers 101: Introduction

This one-day overview is designed to help division and school teams new to advanced tiers increase their basic knowledge to develop capacity to install a system of advanced tier supports.

Intended Audience: Teams from divisions and schools who are in the exploration or early installation phase of implementation of advanced tiers. If no team is yet formed, division leaders, specialists (such as behavior, academic and SEL specialists), school counselors, and/or general/special education teachers are encouraged to attend together. It is recommended that division coordinators discuss advanced tiers readiness and school team participation with their VTSS systems coach prior to school personnel registering for this event.

Learning Intentions:

  • Describe and synthesize the essential elements of an advanced tiers system of supports
  • Define advanced tiers team roles, responsibilities and meeting structures that demonstrate authentic family engagement
  • Explore screening and "requests for assistance" tools for identifying students who might benefit from advanced tiers supports
  • List examples of intervention decision rules within an advanced tiers continuum of supports
  • Examine advanced tiers level of use, progress monitoring, student performance and fidelity data
  • Explain the importance of alignment across tiers and domains
  • Delineate essential components of professional learning and coaching plans for effective advanced tiers implementation