Data-Informed Decision Making for Divisions

Data-Informed Decision Making is a professional learning opportunity that will both demonstrate, and allow division level teams the time and space to use, a problem-solving process to identify and address division concerns. We will guide you through precisely defining your concern, how to conduct a root-cause analysis to explore the “why” of your concern, establishing meaningful and achievable goals, selecting, and implementing impactful practices, and effectively and efficiently evaluating progress. As division leaders you are familiar with the current struggles you’re facing which impact student learning and belonging in your schools. This event will give you an opportunity to explore a data-informed decision making process that can help take the guess work out selecting the interventions and supports that will meet the needs of your families, students, and staff to improve identified outcomes. We are excited to have you join us for our summer 2024 event and truly make data work for you.

Who should attend?

Division Level Teams

Learning Intentions:

  • Understand the data-informed decision making process at the division level
  • Identify valued outcomes for MTSS implementation
  • Analyze data to identify red flags and root causes
  • Define problems with precision and establish division goals
  • Determine practices and systems needed to achieve an identified goal
  • Monitor outcomes and fidelity of the implementation plan