Tier 1 Forum - Academic TFI (ATFI)


A systems process is used to implement all the features of the Academic Tiered Fidelity Inventory. This process includes data, practices, and systems.

Learning Intentions

  • To understand the system of implementing the ATFI with fidelity to make the practices consistent, efficient, and effective.
  • To utilize the features of the ATFI to enhance quality instruction.


Implementers Tools

Materials for the Following Modules:

Tier 1 Forum - Academic TFI (ATFI) Community of Practice (CoP)

As a follow-up to the ATFI, this CoP is designed to offer an opportunity to implement practices, share successes, and provide a platform for discussion about your work. Participants will be driving the conversation in a structured format in which everyone will engage with a ‘crew’ of other participants from different school divisions. 

There will be three days of virtual discussion; registration is limited to those who attended the ATFI training during the summer of 2020.

Information, Zoom links, and materials for the ATFI CoP

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