Tier 1 Forum

VTSS is offering a Virtual Tier 1 Forum using Zoom! Each team will decide upon one of the virtual options below. The New Team Training (PBIS) will be presented at each training opportunity; the Academic TFI professional learning will be presented during the same session in July. Please note that Tier 1 Enhancement Equity and Trauma Sessions will not be offered in this summer's training; however, more opportunities for professional learning on those topics may arise later in the year. The Academic TFI professional learning will be offered at the second session in July.

All virtual learning will cover essential content delivered by a VTSS Systems Coach. Activities will be provided to prepare your school team for the work, and a coach will be right there with you to answer any questions and provide virtual coaching.

New Team Training (PBIS)

VTSS Tier I New Team Training focuses on behavior, academics, and social-emotional well-being. Research shows that starting this work with a lens on behavior allows teachers and administrators to spend less time on discipline. At this event, your team will begin building your behavior curriculum and more. It is important that all school team members attend all three days.

Learning Intentions

In this training we will learn about:

  • Holding efficient and effective meetings
  • Creating school-wide expectations and consistent language 
  • Defining and responding to student behaviors 
  • Developing a positive feedback system  
  • Training faculty 
  • Involving stakeholders


Materials and Zoom links for Tier 1 Forum New Team Training

Trauma Enhancements

This three-day event is designed for those school teams and division support personnel who have already attended the Tier 1 professional learning for new teams, have had experience implementing Tier 1 behavior practices, and believe that trauma-sensitive schools are a priority.  This trauma-sensitive enhancement will integrate the practices of social-emotional learning throughout all the modules. 

Participants of this workshop will gain an understanding of the effects of trauma, learn how trauma impacts learning and behavior, recognize how a school may incorporate trauma-sensitive practices at the Tier 1 level through data, professional learning, family and community engagement, routines, and procedures as well as feedback and acknowledgment.

Learning Intentions

  • Support teams in the implementation of trauma-sensitive schools
  • Align trauma-sensitive practices into a multi-tiered systems of support
  • Build a foundational knowledge of the impact of trauma on staff, students, family
  • Recognize the impact of trauma in the classroom and how it affects learning, relationships, and behavior
  • Understand that the need to create or maintain working environments that support the social-emotional well-being of school staff
  • Learn the importance of relationships in building resilience to mitigate the effects of adverse childhood experiences


Materials and Zoom links for Trauma Enhancements

Academic TFI

This virtual learning event is being offered to school teams from divisions that have completed Starting to Sustaining, Strand 2, Tier I Academics. Division team members are encouraged to attend with the school teams to help with implementing and coaching a tiered system of academic supports.  The introduction and use of the Academic Tiered Fidelity Inventory will assist teams with implementing a Tier I academic system. This summer professional learning will help schools improve student outcomes, align initiatives within the school and support the learning of all students.

  • How academic teams use data for decision-making
  • Ways to plan and deliver instruction, increase teacher clarity, and involve students in their learning
  • How to promote collective teacher efficacy and build teacher knowledge of interventions
  • How communicating and coaching facilitate building community with staff and families and assist in the fidelity of implementation.


Materials and Zoom links for Academic TFI

Equity Enhancements

This three-day professional development offering is designed for school teams (including equity leads, and school/division administrators) who have already participated in the PBIS New Team training and have a ​working understanding of tier 1 PBIS components (matrix, lesson planning, feedback, etc.). Participants will explore key understandings of educational equity such as ​how identity, biased based beliefs, systemic inequities, and microaggressions  ​interplay and impact students​' growth, development, ​and outcomes. 

​Applying these key understandings, participants will re-examine their PBIS Tier 1 systems for potential inequities and strive to ensure their systems are working for ALL students regardless of race, gender, zip code, ability, socio-economic status, and/or languages spoken at home.

Learning Intentions

  • Explore components of cultural responsiveness. 
  • Analyze school and classroom data through an equity lens, focusing on potential inequities that lie at the root of the data.
  • Examine school-wide expectations for cultural mismatch and biases.
  • Develop lesson plans that first validate and affirm students’ culture(s), and then provide them with skills that build and bridge their understanding of school expectations and how and when to apply them.  
  • Address how biases and behaviors such as microaggressions, deficit thinking, and colorblindness undermine student success.  
  • Recognize and practice ways to be a “warm demander” to help mitigate the effects of structural racism and biased based beliefs. 
  • Identify ways in which instruction can include and honor a student's culture to maximize learning.


Materials and Zoom links for Equity Enhancements

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